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Relocator support The Haiti Projekt – and so should you! :)

The Haiti Projekt is a digital charity compilation that was put together by members of the progressive rock community to raise money for the victims of the recent catastrophic Haiti earthquake. It features music by popular progressive rock artists like Neal Morse, Agents of Mercy (the new band of Flower Kings leader Roine Stolt), Dave Meros (Spock’s Beard) and Andy Tillison (The Tangent). We are proud to be part of this project alongside such big names and have contributed our track called ‘Relocator’.

For just $20 you get 40 tracks, adding up to over four hours of music! And the most important thing about it: All of the proceeds from this compilation will be donated to the Red Cross and its Haiti aid efforts.

So don’t hesitate, do some good and get some great music in return!

Click on the banner below to visit the Haiti Projekt website:

Long interview with Stefan (in German) on

An extensive German interview with our guitarist and main composer Stefan Artwin was just posted on the Rocktimes website:
ROCKTIMES – Interview mit Stefan Artwin von Relocator

For those of you who don’t want to play around with online translators and/or are just interested in the news contained in the interview, here’s what Stefan says at the end:

Yes, we’d like to play live, but that’s still in the planning phase. And a second Relocator CD is definitely coming and will probably be released in 2011.

Now also on iTunes! :)

Hey everyone,

our album is now also available from the iTunes Store. 🙂

Please note however that we make more from direct sales via our online store where we also offer a FLAC version at no extra cost.

Relocator debut album now available from CDBaby! :)

Our debut album is now available from CDBaby:

This is quite a bit cheaper and quicker than ordering directly from us if you live in the USA or Canada! 🙂

Relocator CDs finally available!

No more delays – the final Relocator CDs have arrived and are now available from our online store!

Don’t forget that our flat rate CD price includes shipping costs to wherever in the world you live.

The initial batch of pre-orders was shipped today and is on the way to Relocator fans all over the world – to countries as far away as the USA, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Japan! We thank everyone who pre-ordered the CD and apologize one more time for keeping you waiting. We hope our “instant MP3 download” offer made the wait for the CD easier. 🙂

If you didn’t pre-order, just head over to our online store now! 🙂

CD release set for January 25th, the first reviews are in!

We finally have a new release date for the CD: January 25th! 🙂
We apologize for the delay to all who have pre-ordered the CD.

The first English review of our album has been posted here:

If you speak German, you can read two more reviews here:

And remember, the full album is available for streaming on our MySpace page!

Check it out if you haven’t yet! 🙂

CD release update

The final Relocator CDs arrived from the pressing plant today just as scheduled. And yet we can’t ship them yet – unfortunately the layout of the CD booklet is totally messed up as you can see in the comparison image below.

How did this happen? We have no idea at this point. We are still waiting for an explanation from the pressing plant and a solution for this unfortunate situation or some kind of schedule for replacements. At least the CDs themselves seem to be fine…

We are sorry for this delay and we’ll keep you updated. Thanks for your patience!

Now streaming the full album on MySpace!

We have now uploaded our entire debut album to our MySpace site. Still no reviews out there that people could go by, so we’ve decided we’d just let everyone find out for themselves if they like the full album as much as the individual tracks and sample medleys that were previously available.

Check it out and let us know what you think! 🙂

And Merry Christmas, everyone!

Relocator debut feat. Derek Sherinian AVAILABLE NOW! CD pre-order, mp3 downloads

Hi everyone,

it’s been a bit quiet since our big announcement in October, but thankfully
the long wait is now over – the Relocator debut album is done and it’s OUT!

We won’t have the physical CDs in our hands for another two weeks or so,
but if you want to hear the album now, you don’t have to wait until then!
We are now offering high-quality mp3s of the full album (complemented by
the CD booklet in PDF format so you’re not missing out on the liner notes).
We have also started taking CD pre-orders and the cool thing is: If you
pre-order the CD, you can download the mp3s and start listening right away!

The album is now available here:
CD pre-order & instant MP3 download!

Here’s the cover and the tracklisting:

1. Red Vibes (6:13)
2. Biosphere (8:00)
3. Relocator (5:24)
4. Proxima (6:16)
5. Aavishkar (10:30)
6. 13 Reasons (6:31)
7. Urban Blue (6:33)
8. The Alchemist (11:32)

Total playing time: 60:59

Stefan Artwin:    guitars, programming
Michael Pruchnicki:    bass, fretless bass
Frank Tinge:    drums, percussion
Bartek Strycharski:    electric violin

Special guest:
Derek Sherinian:    all keyboards

You can listen to two full tracks on our MySpace page.
We will upload a new track every day until the end
of the week, so keep checking back and listening. 🙂

Note: We had to split one song into two parts due to the MySpace limits.
On the album it is of course presented as one track without interruption.

More samples added, now featuring our violinist

As announced last week, we have more preview material available today. The new medley shows another side of our debut album, featuring electric violinist Bartek Strycharski quite prominently. But the focus is not only on Bartek – it’s not every day that you get to hear Derek Sherinian on piano! And of course there’s also a healthy amount of “regular” spacey prog in there so things don’t get too one-sided.
Both sample medleys are available as high-quality mp3 downloads:

Relocator Sample Medley 1
Relocator Sample Medley 2 with violin