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Relocator debut album coming this November

We’ve been dying to share this piece of information with you for months, but we wanted to have some audio samples of the near-finished album ready to go along with this press release. But today the time has finally come:

Relocator announce November release of self-titled
debut album featuring Derek Sherinian
(ex-Dream Theater, Yngwie Malmsteen, Billy Idol, Planet X)

Influenced by both modern and classic artists like UK, Planet X, Rush and Allan Holdsworth, Relocator have developed their own purely instrumental style. After a transformation from an unstable “full” local band into an international project, Relocator are finally about to deliver their long-overdue first album that is as uncompromising in its progressive approach as it is melodic and accessible.

Adding his distinctive keyboard style to the Relocator debut is special guest star Derek Sherinian. Derek played with rock legends Kiss and Alice Cooper even before really stepping into the spotlight during his four years with progressive metal titans Dream Theater. More recently he has become known for a string of exciting solo albums, each featuring some of the world’s most famous guitarists, and for his live and studio work with Billy Idol and Yngwie Malmsteen.

Instead of just contributing a few guest solos, Derek Sherinian has recorded all keyboard parts for the album. Derek’s experience with the self-proclaimed “sickest instrumental band in the world”, Planet X, makes his style a perfect fit for the music. “We are thrilled to have Derek’s amazing array of modern keyboard sounds featured on our album!”, says guitarist and main composer Stefan Artwin. “The original 2008 album that never got finished would have featured just a few Derek Sherinian solos over tracks with MIDI keys and mostly synth bass. So when we decided to re-approach the material, getting Derek involved more extensively was one of the steps we took to take the music to a new level.”

Another step was to enlist the talents of Dutch drummer Frank Tinge from the band Superbug ( “We wanted someone who could not only play this kind of challenging music with its twists and turns, but who would also show some real enthusiasm for our musical style”, says bassist Michael Pruchnicki. “Frank was my first idea and he turned out to be the perfect choice!”

Self-described “rock violinist” Bartek Strycharski became the last addition to the project. “With Frank and Derek on board the music became heavier, so we wanted to have some acoustic elements as a balance to all the spacey progressive parts”, Pruchnicki explains. “One idea was to have Frank play some African percussion on one track. The other was to add Bartek’s electric violin as another expressive instrumental voice. He’s one of the most talented and natural musicians I have ever met and his playing really added a new dimension to our music.”

The self-titled Relocator debut will be available directly from the band as CD or digital download, other distribution channels will be announced soon.

A five minute sample medley from the upcoming album is now available on these websites:
(for a high-quality mp3 download of the medley)

A second medley showcasing the talents of violinist Bartek Strycharski will be released later this month. Stay tuned for more preview material leading up to the release – including complete tracks!


Yes indeed, we will have more (much more!) preview material available very soon. If you’re interested in our guest violinist, why don’t you check out his web page for the time being:

It’s a bit outdated, but it features several excellent samples of his playing with his former Polish band Borderline under “Music”.

So let us know what you think of our little five minute appetizer medley and spread the word if you like it! And remember that a high-quality mp3 download of the medley is available here: Relocator Sample Medley 1

Video of Frank playing the track Urban Blue at a drum talent show

Drum recordings finished – check out this video from the studio! :)

We just returned from a short “vacation” in the Netherlands where we recorded the drums for the Relocator debut CD. Frank recorded all his drum parts plus some nice Djembe playing for one song in just two days and we are very happy with the results. Expect some nice samples of the songs with Frank’s drums soon and until then enjoy this little video from the studio:

The Inspiration Corner for the upcoming album

Based on an idea popularized by Dream Theater (and subsequently dropped because it created too much pre-release speculation), we’d like to list some of the artists and albums that have inspired the music you will hear on our upcoming CD:

U.K. – all albums
King Crimson – all albums
Planet X – all albums (Quantum for Jimmy Johnson’s bass playing in particular)
Derek Sherinian – Planet X (for the eye-opening drumming by Virgil Donati and Tony Franklin’s fretless bass), Mythology
Meshuggah – I, Chaosphere
Joe Satriani – The Extremist
Allan Holdsworth – Wardenclyffe Tower, Sand, Metal Fatigue, The Sixteen Men of Tain (for the inspiring solos and rhythm chords)
Frank Zappa – Them or Us, especially “Sinister Footwear”
Gordian Knot – Emergent (beautiful arrangements and super-tasteful playing!)
Cynic – Focus (for those awesome bass lines)
Aghora – Aghora (Sean Malone & Sean Reinert again – can’t beat that rhythm section!)
On the Virg – Serious Young Insects
Dream Theater – A Change of Seasons
Greg Howe – Extraction (Dennis Chambers!)

Expect more news regarding the album soon! 🙂

Full Relocator track online (with mp3 download link)!

“A new MySpace page, a long overdue update, a new drummer – this is all very nice, but where is the beef?”, you might say. So we figured it was about time to give you a full Relocator track to check out at last! Red Vibes is probably the most straight-forward song on the upcoming album. It’s still in demo form – if you can seriously say that about a song that’s been in the works for over four years.

Interesting tidbit: The drums you hear on this version were Frank’s “audition tape” for Relocator. Awesome, eh? 🙂 We’re quite excited to have him on board. To give you a brief status update on the project: Frank is currently learning all the remaining songs for the album and we’re hoping to record his drum parts this spring. But no release date predictions for now! Most of you probably remember how that went last time… 😀

So enjoy the song, let us know what you think and spread the word! Thanks! 🙂

And yes, we realize that the audio quality of the MySpace player isn’t too great. That’s why you can download a much better sounding mp3 of the track from our official website – enjoy!

The Rebirth of Relocator

Relocator was founded in the summer of 2004 and was originally envisioned as a “full” live band. Never managing to maintain a stable complete lineup for long, four years and several personnel changes later the band self-destructed in late 2008.

But the music lived on. In early 2009 original founding members Stefan Artwin (guitar, keys and programming) and Michael Pruchnicki (bass) decided to revive Relocator as a project to finally finish the songs they had worked on for so long. The result is a multi-national endeavour: Joining them on the first Relocator album are new talent Frank Tinge from the Netherlands (drums) and special guest star Derek Sherinian from the USA (all keyboard solos).