Monthly Archives: March 2009

The Inspiration Corner for the upcoming album

Based on an idea popularized by Dream Theater (and subsequently dropped because it created too much pre-release speculation), we’d like to list some of the artists and albums that have inspired the music you will hear on our upcoming CD:

U.K. – all albums
King Crimson – all albums
Planet X – all albums (Quantum for Jimmy Johnson’s bass playing in particular)
Derek Sherinian – Planet X (for the eye-opening drumming by Virgil Donati and Tony Franklin’s fretless bass), Mythology
Meshuggah – I, Chaosphere
Joe Satriani – The Extremist
Allan Holdsworth – Wardenclyffe Tower, Sand, Metal Fatigue, The Sixteen Men of Tain (for the inspiring solos and rhythm chords)
Frank Zappa – Them or Us, especially “Sinister Footwear”
Gordian Knot – Emergent (beautiful arrangements and super-tasteful playing!)
Cynic – Focus (for those awesome bass lines)
Aghora – Aghora (Sean Malone & Sean Reinert again – can’t beat that rhythm section!)
On the Virg – Serious Young Insects
Dream Theater – A Change of Seasons
Greg Howe – Extraction (Dennis Chambers!)

Expect more news regarding the album soon! 🙂