Sergej Schamber leaves the live band

Sergej Schamber played his last gig with Relocator at the Generation Prog Festival 2014. As usual, he came impeccably prepared, played stuff that should not be possible with just two hands, and was kind and professional throughout – we could not have wished for a better keyboardist and bandmate. Sadly, Sergej’s priorities lie elsewhere. As became obvious back in 2013 and even more so in the last few weeks, Sergej cannot commit to Relocator’s live activities – rare and often just hypothetical as they may be – as much as would really be necessary, so he decided to stop holding us back. We’re all sad to see him leave and we thank him for the great times and successful gigs with Relocator since he joined the live band in early 2011. We wish him all the best for the future with his electro pop project Exploding Head Syndrome!

We already have a potential replacement in mind, but with no live gigs on the horizon it might be a while before anything is decided. We’re going to focus on creating the 2nd Relocator album for now!

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