Full Relocator track online (with mp3 download link)!

“A new MySpace page, a long overdue update, a new drummer – this is all very nice, but where is the beef?”, you might say. So we figured it was about time to give you a full Relocator track to check out at last! Red Vibes is probably the most straight-forward song on the upcoming album. It’s still in demo form – if you can seriously say that about a song that’s been in the works for over four years.

Interesting tidbit: The drums you hear on this version were Frank’s “audition tape” for Relocator. Awesome, eh? 🙂 We’re quite excited to have him on board. To give you a brief status update on the project: Frank is currently learning all the remaining songs for the album and we’re hoping to record his drum parts this spring. But no release date predictions for now! Most of you probably remember how that went last time… 😀

So enjoy the song, let us know what you think and spread the word! Thanks! 🙂

And yes, we realize that the audio quality of the MySpace player isn’t too great. That’s why you can download a much better sounding mp3 of the track from our official website http://www.relocator-project.com – enjoy!

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