Listen to complete tracks from our CD “Relocator” (2010):

Track 1: Red Vibes (6:13)
Track 2: Biosphere (8:00)
Track 3: Relocator (5:24)
Track 4: Proxima (6:16)
Track 5: Aavishkar (10:30)
Track 6: 13 Reasons (6:31)
Track 7: Urban Blue (6:33)
Track 8: The Alchemist (11:32)


Here’s a little snippet from our set at the Generation Prog Festival 2011:
Proxima new piano intro


Some material from the Relocator archives, just for fun – these are the demos that Stefan originally presented to the band in 2004/2005:

Red Vibes (demo 2004)
Relocator (demo 2004)
Taj Mahal (Aavishkar demo 2005)
13 Reasons (demo 2004)
Red Vibes II (Urban Blue demo 2004)


2 Responses to Music

  1. Hi:
    I’m the bass player of “Time’s Forgotten”, a prog Costa Rican band.
    I heard one of your songs in the ProgPower USA 11 promo CD, along with ours and other very cool bands. I liked Relocator a lot and couldn’t help but write to you guys, thanks for the fantastic work, I’m going to download your music as soon as I get home from the website.

  2. Thanks for the kind words! 🙂